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Bella has come in as a local hand in ..she has been looking for a rescue space for a long while but everyone turned her away as she doesn’t like children..she has been terrorized by them as a puppy and now will not tolerate a child any where near her ..who can blame her…she has never bitten but has snapped…we don’t blame her at all and she is more than deserving of a home in the right place , she is a friendly girl with adults and loves a fuss…she adores all other dogs and loves to run free and play…we are looking for an adult only home with no visiting children and if she was out in public places would need to wear a muzzle if you knew children were about…this is only a protection as we would not want this sweet girl to get in any trouble ..she’s only around 17 months old and is here with us in Somerset ..a husky cross collie girl who was cute and fluffy as a puppy and was treated like a toy…she is so pretty and has so much to offer the right home..Bella would suit someone with their own land so she can have her own space and she can be rehomed with other dogs as she loves the company

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Husky x Collie
17 Months
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