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Chloe after two years is ready for a home…..Hi, I’m Chloe, I have been in rescue for a few years now as I am very timid with people. But I feel that I am now ready to find my forever home. I would like a quiet location in the countryside with a large garden as I get the zoomies every now and then. I don’t really like children as they don’t understand that I need space, unless they can be very patient with me. I like to have a bed were I feel safe, I don’t mind humans coming to say hello while I’m in my bed but I will guard it against any other dog. I like to play with other dogs and I love to go walkies, and I don’t pull on the lead. I am insecure when it comes to eating though so I don’t like other dogs being around when I eat.
I would like human affection, but my new parents will need to give me time to build trust in them. I prefer if they sit down because I know there won’t be any sudden movements. When I like someone I will kiss their hand and if you’re really nice I might give you a kiss on the nose. chloe is around 4 years old and came from an horrific dog hoarder in Spain

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4 Years
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Can Live with Adults Only
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A Calm Environment
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Prefers Quiet Locations