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A Great Running Partner

Rex is a playful and bouncy Labrador X Galgo boy who is nearly two years old.

His nature brings lots of energy so he needs lots of exercise. He enjoys going for long walks and would make a great running partner. Rex loves to run free for at least an hour a day and his recall is good once he knows the area.

A very social dog, Rex is great with other dogs and loves people. He would be suitable in a home with children aged 12+ and ideally a medium size dog upwards as a playmate, male or female. Rex can be left for short periods although will need a good walk before hand.

Rex loves his cuddles and is happiest when curled up next to you. He's an amazing dog for an active laid back family.

More about Rex
Galgo X Labrador
2 Years
Living with Dogs:
Can Live with other Dogs
Living with Cats:
May be able to live with Cats
Family Environment:
Can Live with Teenagers & Adults
Would Suit:
An Active Family
Home Location:
Prefers Quiet Locations
# 1274