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Meat Trade Dogs in Poor Conditions

The Dog Meat Trade in China is horrific. Korea, India and Thailand also sadly eat dog meat. Over the years there have been lots of activists that play a huge part in trying to stop this terrible trade.

Lorries get stopped on the way to slaughter houses with many not having the correct licences, forcing them to hand the dogs over to the activists on the ground.

Some lorries can have more than 400 dogs on board which are put into temporary shelters. Unfortunately, these shelters have very poor hygiene standards and sadly many of these dogs die from distemper or stress.

We were fed up hearing about the abuse and horrific conditions that these dogs are in, so we have decided to do something about it.

Darkness to Light - China Meat Trade Lorry with Dogs
Darkness to Light Project

We created the Darkness to Light Project to help bring some of these dogs back to the UK and are now working with a lovely group of girls who are based in Beijing, China. Although an extremely expensive project to undertake, costing more than £1,200 to bring each dog to the UK, we feel it is a price worth paying.

Meat Trade Dogs in Shelter
China Meat Trade Lorry

Each dog has to be in quarantine and have four months of medical treatment before they are able to fly to the UK. Once they have arrived each dog is then placed in an experienced foster home where they will be fully assessed before being placed in their permanent home.

Fern - Meat Trade Rescue
Fern - China Rescue Dog

This is Fern, she was rescued as a puppy from the meat trade in China and we are expecting her to be here in the UK at the end of 2016. She has been offered a home in by the fantastic Oak Ridge Stables who are based in Poole, Dorset.

We have a minimum adoption fee of £500.00 for all Darkness to Light dogs; we know this is a large amount, however on average it costs over £2000.00 with boarding fees, vet fees, travel expenses and more to bring each of these dogs back to a loving home!

As a reminder we will not place dogs from China in any homes will small children.