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Rescuing Dogs On A Global Scale

Rushton Dog Rescue is a dog rescue charity based in Somerset, that was founded in 2007 by Cindi McNeil Regan in loving memory of her soul mate Timothy Rushton.

Timothy loved animals, especially dogs and wanted to start a dog rescue centre in Spain. Unfortunately that dream never became a reality when Timothy suddenly died at the young age of 27.

Cindi therefore decided to do it alone and ever since has devoted her entire life and time to dogs that really need her help.

As a rescue charity Rushton help abandoned, abused and unwanted dogs on a international scale. Rescuing dogs from all over the world from places such as Ireland, Spain, UK, Romania, Africa and recently China!

To date, through the help of a fabulous team of volunteers and generous supporters, Rushton Dog Rescue has successfully helped to rescue and home over 4,000 dogs, cats, horses, pigs and even the odd goat!

The dogs that do come and stay with us are extremely lucky as they have lots of freedom to play and express themselves whilst waiting for their new home.  

A Sanctuary For Dogs

They have saved dogs from some very terrible situations. The amount of dogs that are in unsuitable homes or are being mistreated is enormous and their goal is to make sure that dogs are placed in the correct homes for life.

As such, Rushton support people in their decision if they feel it is necessary to rehome their dog and will help by taking care of the whole process.

All of the dogs are kept on a 6 acre site in Somerset, where dogs are fully assessed in a variety of situations before being homed and if necessary are retrained before a suitable home is found. Sometimes dogs are able to go straight to their new families, depending on the situation.

The Rushton Dog Rescue centre in Somerset is an extremely peaceful and beautiful location where dogs are offered a sanctuary space, with plans to move to a bigger site with improved facilities.

Eyes - Rushton Dog Rescue

“Every attempt is made to home as many dogs as we can and so far at over 4,000 dogs later, I think we are doing OK! ”
Cindi McNeil Regan - Founder