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Below you will find all our dogs that are currently available for adoption.

Available for Adoption Now

Teddy and Lucy

Teddy & Lucy

Teddy is a beautiful little male tan cross breed & Lucy is a pretty little white mixed colour female. Cross breeds Both aged around 16 months Chinese rescue A VERY secure garden Experience with nervous/rescue dogs We do not...

Freya the nervous gentle girl


The beautiful Freya is looking for her perfect forever home. Crossbreed 7-8 months approx Experienced dog owners only Very secure garden required Needs to be homed with another home with at least one dog Only detailed applications will be...



Larry is looking for his adoptive home. Beagle 15 months approx Survivor of the Chinese meat trade Non built up area Secure, Safe Garden Must have experience with Beagles At least one other dog in the home. Only detailed...



Jobi is looking for his perfect adoptive home. Cross breed 16 months Approx Chinese rescue Must have VERY secure garden No children in the home due to nervous nature Must be a experienced owner No built up areas, Countryside...



Our Brave survivor Evan is looking for his perfect adoptive home. Beagle 3-4 years approx Chinese rescue Lots of experience with beagles/hounds! Single person living on their own (no more than 2 in a household) Secure, safe garden Calm,...

Bernie with a big smile!


Beautiful boy Bernie is looking for his perfect adoptive home. Large Retriever Cross 2-3 years approx Chinese rescue You MUST have an understanding of Bernies elbow injury, it MUST be taken into consideration when applying to adopt him. Adult...