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Bree is on the look out for her perfect adoptive home. She is a survivor from China, after being bred & locked up for years she was then sold on to the meat traders. Thankfully she became safe under our rushton umbrella in time.

  • Rottweiler
  • Approx 5-6 Years Old
  • Chinese Rescue
  • Secure, safe garden
  • Calm, understanding and experienced owner
  • Calm but active home needed
  • Can be homed with other non-dominating dogs
  • Adults only
  • All our adopters are expected to keep in close contact with us for the rest of the dogs lives. If you cannot commit and promise to this then please do not apply to adopt from ourselves.
  • Only detailed applications will be considered – (no applications sent via social media)
  • The adoption fee for Chinese rescued dogs is a minimum of £350.

Bree has come on amazingly well. She has grown in confidence since being at freedom farm, though she is still shy & reserved when she meets people she doesn’t know. After we show her it’s all ok, a little time later she becomes happy in others company! She is gentle, sweet & so loving. Bree is a good girl with other dogs, as long as they aren’t dominant towards her & let her do her thing with her toys! She loves nothing more than having a good charge about chasing her favourite toy.

Bree needs an experienced, settled home, with not many comings & goings. She was so jumpy at everything when she arrived & would even hit the floor at the blind coming down over her window. Now, she knows she is safe, loved & most importantly respected, she has become very comfortable being here with us. We have a very good bond & have spent every day with each other getting to know one another & she is definitely ready to leave our nest.

Bree deserves the best of the best & that is what she will get. Honestly who ever is lucky enough to adopt her will fall instantly in love with this girls adhering nature & beautiful big eyes. Bree will require a secure garden, with enough room for her to be able to run & play safely. Bree also doesn’t want to be adopted into a home with children. She said she will have to be careful about snatching her toys/food & if she wants to jump up then she will knock them over. Bree is to be the queen of her castle & nothing less.

If you are an experienced and calm owner & feel you may have the perfect adoptive home for Bree, then please send us a detailed application below.

Please do note: We receive a high volume of adoption applications, if you apply for one of our dogs please recognise that you may not get a reply or be successful in homing the dog you apply for.

More about Bree
5-6 Years Approx
Living with Dogs:
Can Live with other Dogs
Living with Cats:
Cannot Live with Cats
Family Environment:
Can Live with Adults Only
Would Suit:
A Calm Environment
Home Location:
Prefers Quiet Locations