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Crespa is a stunning podenco who is about 2 years old. Crespa is a Spanish girl who has spent her life as a stray struggling to survive. Crespa has lived on the streets having litters of puppies, when she was finally caught and rescued it was apparent she was struggling to find food for herself as she was extremely under weight.

Crespa has now put on an amazing amount of weight and is looking healthy and happy finally. Crespa is great with other dogs and hasn’t shown any sign of aggression towards them at all. Crespa is very nervous of new people and situations but has made huge progress since being with us. She needs a confident adopter who is willing to give her time and put the things in place to make her come out of her shell further.

She loves running and looks stunning when doing so, Crespa would ideally be suited to someone who already has a confident dog or two. She is the most stunning girl with a beautiful red coat. If you are a sight hound lover and have experience of the breed then you will absolutely fall in love with Crespa! Please consider this amazing girl when looking for your new best friend.

More about Crespa
2 years
Living with Dogs:
Can Live with other Dogs
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Cannot Live with Cats
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A Calm Environment
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Prefers Quiet Locations