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Daphne is looking for her perfect adoptive home.

  • Bulldog
  • 5 years old approx
  • Chinese rescue
  • Lots of experience with bulldogs
  • Secure, safe garden
  • Experienced owners only
  • No children
  • No built up areas, Countryside home
  • Can be homed with another dog depending on the environment
  • Only detailed applications using the linked form below will be considered – (no applications sent via social media)
  • The adoption fee for Chinese rescued dogs is a minimum of £850.

Daphne is a survivor of the Chinese meat trade, she has had an awful time and suffered horrendously – she was extremely lucky we found her in time.

Daphne is a beautiful bulldog who is around the age of 5. She has come on so far in confidence since being saved and has flourished into a fun energetic girl. Daphne can be very head shy and doesn’t like quick movements. She is obsessed with toys – now she has discovered what they are, she has many favourites. Daphne can be a little possessive over her things, so a home with NO children is a must and only experienced dogs owners.

We would like an adopter who has experience of the breed, she is not a dog for a first-time owner. Daphne is a good girl with other dogs and has made lots of friends here, however, if she is homed with another dog then this all depends on the situation and how experienced the adopter is. Daphne is so much fun. She loves a cuddle, and now she knows what it’s like to receive affection and love, she adores it.

Daphne is an active girl who is full of fun energy, she would need a very secure garden where she can safely enjoy her space, a not to built-up area so she isn’t frightened of busy traffic etc.

Daphne is an absolute darling and we are so looking forward to getting her settled into the very best home we can find.

If you feel you have the home Daphne is looking for then please send us a detailed application below.

Please do note: We receive a high volume of adoption applications, if you apply for one of our dogs please recognise that you may not get a reply or be successful in homing the dog you apply for.

More about Daphne
5 Years Approx
Living with Dogs:
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