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Our Brave survivor Evan is looking for his perfect adoptive home.

  • Beagle
  • 3-4 years approx
  • Chinese rescue
  • Lots of experience with beagles/hounds!
  • Single person living on their own (no more than 2 in a household)
  • Secure, safe garden
  • Calm, understanding and once again EXPERIENCED!
  • No children/Visiting children!
  • No built up areas, Countryside home
  • Only detailed applications will be considered – (no applications sent via social media)
  • The adoption fee for Chinese rescued dogs is a minimum of £650.

Evan is a very special boy who is looking for a VERY specific home. Evan has endured the most horrific abuse which has left his body scarred for life. He has scarring on his back which needs to be cared for.

Evan is surprisingly enough very sociable, he is good with people & other dogs. He is reserved meeting new people to begin with but is a friendly lad. However, Evan does have serious guarding traits! He gets very very possessive over his things, especially food, bones & his toys! Due to this, he needs a VERY EXPERIENCED hound owner. He will NOT be homed to an inexperienced home. It is a MUST he goes to the right home where the adopters will listen & follow exactly what we put in place. We don’t think a home with other dogs would work due to his guarding nature. Even though he loves running and socialising with them.

Evan is so loving – he loves a fuss & cuddle is an amazing dog with so much love to give to the right home. Evan walks well on his lead & loves his exercise, he needs an active home where he will get enough walks & fun! It’s really important that Evans’ requirements are taken into consideration before you apply to adopt him. Evan will not be homed with Children & needs an adult-only home preferably with a single experienced person. He also would like to have a nice secure garden so he can enjoy his space safely. He can be a vocal lad when he wants something or fancies a little chat with his human so would be best if he didn’t live in a very built-up area.

If you feel you have the CORRECT home Evan is looking for then please send us a detailed application below.

Please do note: We receive a high volume of adoption applications, if you apply for one of our dogs please recognise that you may not get a reply or be successful in homing the dog you apply for.

More about Evan
3-4 Years Approx
Living with Dogs:
Cannot Live with other Dogs
Living with Cats:
Cannot Live with Cats
Family Environment:
Can Live with Adults Only
Would Suit:
A Calm Environment
Home Location:
Prefers Quiet Locations