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Heidi is a absolute stunner who is around 1-2 years old and weighs around 7kg. Heidi is a survivor of the Chinese meat trade.

We found Heidi on one of our visits to a poor overcrowded shelter where she had given birth. Heidi was in a very sorry state and we knew we had to take her. Heidi is a nervous girl who takes some time to be confident around people she doesn’t know. Once Heidi knows you, and that you are not going to harm her, she will be very affectionate and cuddly. She really is an absolute sweetheart.

Heidi needs a home where there isn’t too much activity. She can be jumpy at sudden noises, so a calm household would be best for Heidi. This will allow her to come out of herself in her own time. Heidi is a good girl with other dogs, but can be defensive around bigger dogs. She is just trying to defend herself which is completely understandable after everything she has had to endure.

Heidi would make a really lovely friend and would be a loyal little girl for the right person. Heidi is pretty frightened of the outside world, so a patient, calm adopter would be best for our girl. Heidi would need a very secure garden so she can be completely safe when she is exploring the outside.

Heidi needs a adult only home, no small children due to her nervous side. An experienced home would be best for Heidi.

Please only apply for Heidi if you feel you have what she is looking for. If you are a calm, patient person who wants to give a little dog all the time and love in the world then please apply below.

Heidi’s adoption fee is £550. All Chinese rescue dogs are set to this fee due to the work and money involved rescuing them. Without this charge, we cannot keep saving dogs in China.
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1-2 Years
Living with Dogs:
Can Live with other Dogs
Living with Cats:
Cannot Live with Cats
Family Environment:
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A Calm Environment
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Prefers Quiet Locations