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Larry the Beagle, a survivor of the Chinese meat trade, is looking for his forever home.

  • Beagle
  • Chinese rescue
  • 4 years old approx
  • Calm adults only household
  • Secure, safe garden
  • Calm, understanding and experienced owner
  • No built up areas
  • Quiet home
  • Socialising with other dogs outside of the home space
  • Only detailed applications will be considered – (no applications sent via social media)
  • The adoption fee for Chinese rescued dogs is a minimum of £350.


Larry is a survivor of the Chinese meat trade. He is an absolute love who deserves the best of homes.

Larry is a friendly happy lad. He is very affectionate with people and will make a great companion. Larry is great with other dogs however he does get very protective over his toys and treasures. This would cause an issue if he was being housed with another dog and we don’t want him to not have the things he’s always wanted, so a home where Larry can have all the toys his heart desires means he will have to be an only dog. We are confident he will love this as long as his human is around most of the time with him to provide him with companionship.

Larry is absolutely capable of interacting with dogs outside the home. He loves to have a run and play. Larry would definitely benefit from a secure paid for dog walking field to meet up with his dog friends which we know he will make. This would be ideal if you have friends with dogs and want to go on play dates (without his toys). This kind of setting would be perfect for that.

Larry would need a secure garden. He isn’t overly keen on busy traffic etc so a quieter area would suit him better. We adore this lad, he has been nothing but a dream to care for and has come a very long way with his physical condition and looks so good now. We all have a very good bond together so any adopter will be expected to respect that fully as we will want to keep in very close contact throughout the life of Larry (as we do all our dogs).

Larry will love being the apple of someone’s eye and in return you will love being his person!

If you are a experienced, calm, patient person/s who would like to adopt Larry and you feel you may have the correct environment he is looking for then please send us a detailed email to:


Please do note: We receive a high volume of adoption applications, if you apply for one of our dogs please recognise that you may not get a reply or be successful in homing the dog you apply for.

More about Larry
4 Years Old
Living with Dogs:
Cannot Live with other Dogs
Living with Cats:
Cannot Live with Cats
Family Environment:
Can Live with Adults Only
Would Suit:
A Calm Environment
Home Location:
Prefers Quiet Locations