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Monty is looking for his adoptive home.

Monty is from Egypt and is around 2 years old. He was found on the side of the road dying with a horrific injury to his back leg. Once Monty was rescued and healthy enough to undergo surgery, he had to have the leg removed. Now Monty gets about on 3 legs and he manages amazingly well.

Monty is currently in a lovely UK foster home to allow him to adjust to living inside a friendly environment – rather than a sandy desert surrounded by harm. So far Monty is doing brilliantly well and is loving all the home comforts. He is sharing and getting along well with another dog in his foster home. Monty is a gentle boy who doesn’t snatch treats and walks well on his lead. He has met people when he has been out on walks with his foster mum and doesn’t seemed phased by their presence.

He is happy to sleep downstairs on a nice comfy bed at night and hasn’t been showing any signs of separation anxiety. Monty can get excited and can become slightly bouncy so no children under 10. Monty deserves the best home with people who will understand what he has had to go through in the past. People that will give him time and patience to settle.

If you feel you could give Monty the home he has always dreamt of then please apply below.

Monty’s adoption fee is £200.
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2 Years
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