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Nora was bred through two Romanian RESCUE dogs! The pair were brought over by a German Shepard rescue who thought it was acceptable to home two dogs of the opposite sex together unneutered! In the rescue world this is a big No No…so the adopter decided to let them breed together and the result of that ended in 9 more puppies in this world. I would like to make very, very clear that the parents of Nora WERE NOT RUSHTON DOGS!!! We would never home two opposite sex dogs unneutered in the same home. All I can say is that I’m so sorry to the parents as you were failed terribly by a rescue and that should not have ever happened. We managed to get two of the 9 pups safe & under our Rushton umbrella before they got sold over the internet like their siblings to anyone that would buy them 💔

Soooooo…now Nora will be looking for her forever home. The homes we are looking must be experienced with larger breed dogs as they are going to be big babies.

She is socialising well with other dogs and people however can also be fearful of people & the outside world. A puppy of this age being so scared is just terrible, she has been through a lot of upheaval at such a young age and have been in bad hands before coming to us.

Nora has had her first vaccine, micro chip & health check. Nora will be contracted to attend accredited training classes along with our usual stipulations to assure she has the very best start in her new life as possible.

Please note no small children in homes and only experienced homes will be considered.

Please apply below if you can offer an experienced home for Nora.

Nora’s adoption fee is £250.
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16 Weeks
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