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The beautiful and cheeky brothers, Rick and Morty, are looking for their adoptive home.

  • Crossbreed
  • Approx 3 Years Old
  • Brothers
  • Rescues from Congo
  • Secure, safe garden
  • Calm, understanding and experienced owner
  • Active home is a must
  • No other animals in the household
  • Adult only home
  • All our adopters are expected to keep in close contact with us for the rest of the dogs lives. If you cannot commit and promise to this then please do not apply to adopt from ourselves.
  • Only detailed applications will be considered – (no applications sent via social media)
  • The adoption fee for our rescued dogs is a minimum of £350.

The boys were rescued from Congo, central Africa by our angel Kris. Kris and the Dogbus volunteers have done a fabulous job to get them to this point!

These boys are just great. They are, funny, cheeky, snuggly, handsome, eager to please, clever and we would love to try and find them a home together.

The boys have done really well since coming to freedom farm. The were shy at first but after a few days they realised they were still safe and are happy to be handled all over and taken out for their walks.

Morty is more reserved than Rick. Rick definitely takes the lead and Morty follows. Morty loves nothing more than his two favourite toys which he likes to hold together at the same time. Rick is more of a food type of guy rather than toys.

Both are active and therefore would need a home where they would receive the correct amount of exercise and adventures. A secure garden is a must. No other animals as they haven’t been around cats etc.

Both boys love to run and play. Rick does more of the zoomies and Morty tends to stare and watch him before joining in.

The boys would be make amazing companions for someone. Adult only home as again they haven’t been around children and they do love to have a little jump up for a hug!

If you feel you could give our Rick & Morty the home they so deserve after all they have been through then please do send us a detailed email to: mail@rushtondogrescue.co.uk

Please do note: We receive a high volume of adoption applications, if you apply for one of our dogs please recognise that you may not get a reply or be successful in homing the dog you apply for.

More about Rick & Morty
3 Years Old
Living with Dogs:
Cannot Live with other Dogs
Living with Cats:
Cannot Live with Cats
Family Environment:
Can Live with Adults Only
Would Suit:
An Active Family
Home Location:
Can Live Anywhere
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