Breed:Poodle x Beagle crossAge:7mths
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7mths old Poodle x Beagle mix

Here we have the very handsome Alfie who is on the search for his perfect adoptive home. Alfie really hasn’t had the best start to life, he has been passed around from home to home, no stability, no routine, no real understanding of who he is. But Alfie really does deserve the very best home and that’s what we are all going to ensure he gets.

Alfie is in a foster home and has been doing so well – he’s learning all that he needs to and is sharing his foster home with two Labradors who he adores. Alfie must be adopted into a home with at least one other active playful dog! He needs to have those fellow canines to play with, and they must be able to withstand his playful nature.

Alfie’s personality is pretty full on?! He likes to test your boundaries but he is learning that jumping up onto kitchen sides and stealing things isn’t really the way to go forward… He knows his basic commands and has become much better being walked out in public.

Alfie is a very humorous boy which has never been understood and embraced.

Alfie does suffer with separation anxiety, this hasn’t been helped as he has been constantly passed around before coming to us so with time. But with the tools we have in place to help him with this, we believe this will settle. He does need someone who is at home with plenty of time to give Alfie the reassurance he will need and continued training.

Alfie is super affectionate and loves a good cuddle on the sofa, he has some very comical ways when playing and interacting with other dogs 🙂

The main things Alfie requires from an adoptive home are as follows:

✨ACTIVE (more active the better)
✨RESIDENT DOG/S (must be playful)
✨SPACE (he loves to play)

Alfie really is a super lad with a defiant, energetic personality. He has been so let down by his previous homes and just passed around like a toy when in fact he is a spirited, intelligent young lad who requires someone who is going to understand, adapt and show him the way with a kind hand. We firmly believe once he has fully settled into a permanent adoptive home and is given the commitment he should of always had he will grow into a well balanced boy.

✨Some more points about Alfie from his foster home:

Alfie is a good traveller. As long as he is secured in the seat he will travel well.

Only grooming he requires is the fur on his head and ears needs a wee brush every now and then to stop the dreds appearing.
We’ve cut all the lumps and bumps out as couldn’t brush and he’s much better for it!

He loves playing with and biting the water from the hose, so washing him wouldn’t be an issue. Not had him swimming yet. Will see how that goes. Our two will hopefully teach him.

✨ Alfie really really deserves the stability from a loving experienced home. His next move MUST be his last. Please only apply to adopt this gorgeous boy if you are 100000% committed.

If you feel yours could be the home that Alfie is looking for, then please read about our Adoption Process and complete the Adoption Form x