Breed:Cross breedAge:2-3 yrs
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An Active Family
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Prefers Quiet Locations

2/3yrs Cross Breed Arnie is a super FUN loving boy who will require an active home where he can get plenty of exercise. Arnie is a great lad – affectionate, energetic, friendly, super fast at running, loves to be around other dogs! And after he’s done all the things Arnie loves to do he loves nothing more than a good lap cuddle.

Arnie has been pretty misunderstood throughout his little life, he’s been seen as being over the top and non stop- BUT since we have had Arnie we see who he is and what he needs, he is honestly just a fun little chap who loves to run free! He is a very good self-exerciser when he is out and about loose around the farm, he can really cover some ground and it’s entertaining to watch him having so much fun!

Arnie needs a home where he has a LARGE garden or even better land! He just has to know that when the door opens he has space to do his thing, Arnie is not the type of lad who will be happy with a standard once a day lead walk… he wants to have Fun Fun Fun! That’s what Arnie is and that’s what he wants.

Arnie could live with another dog we feel as he has proven to be a very sociable little fella at freedom farm making lots of new friends, we think if there was another dog then it would have to be equally as fun energy as Arnie is or alternatively a home as a single dog with humans who are active and will interact and play with him would suffice. No cats as Arnie says they don’t want to play with him and therefore he doesn’t want to share his home with one.

Arnie really deserves a home where he will be someone’s total joy. We want him embraced, we want him to be able to have all the fun he wants, all the adventures his heart desires. Arnie walks well on his harness and lead but doesn’t like to be near busy roads, traffic and lots of hustle and bustle – he is a countryside lad for sure!

If you feel you may have the active, fun, large garden/home with land (and no children) then Arnie could be the guy you have been waiting for…

Check out our Adoption process and fill in the Adoption Form – Arnie looks forward to hearing from you! x