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Training Tips for you and your Rushton Rescue Dog

Keeping your dog "SAFE" is a priority in the first few months

  • Enrol your dog in a "training and socialisation" class
  • Go to a "Positive Reward Based" trainer
  • Only use "Positive Reward Based Methods"
  • Use "High Value" treats such as Chicken, Sausage, etc. Don’t use shop bought treats
  • Find the treat your dog will do ANYTHING for. This is your dogs HIGHEST Motivator
  • Only use Flat Collars with or without a Harness

Mix your dog with many other dogs and novel situations, and aim for a "Positive" experience not "Exposure".

If you are having any problem or feel that you need assistance simply Contact Us and we will be more than happy to help.

Train a "RECALL"

Knowing that you can call your dog back to you, whatever the circumstances is peace of mind and makes off-lead walks safe and satisfying.

Train a "LEAVE IT"

Whatever your dog picks up, be confident that he or she will not eat anything that can cause harm. 

This method can also be used with...

Train a "TRADE"

This is particularly useful for hunting breeds, it will allow your dog to willingly give up anything in return for a nice treat.

Train a "LOOK AT ME"

This is a focus exercise and is great to get your dogs attention and keep it.

Always Remember

Be consistent with your "Cue Words" when training and not to use words that might confuse them.

For more guidance and assistance please contact us.