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Meat Trade Dogs in Poor Conditions

Kept in a prison where their fate is the worst they could ever imagine.

We decided to help the Chinese meat trade dogs when in 2016 we started to hear the horrendous truth of what happens over there. The Chinese dog meat trade is massive and it's happening 365 days of the year. You may have heard of the Yulin festival where dogs are slaughtered and their body's are sold on a market for people to buy. Most people were made to think that the Yulin festival is the only time for dogs to be slaughtered but unfortunately it's happening every day. Around the time of the Yulin festival thousands and thousands of dogs are brutally killed for there meat in horrific ways.

These beautiful dogs are kept in a prison where their fate is the worst they could ever imagine piled on top of each other thrown into concrete cells to wait until they are transported to a slaughter house where they will be murdered. The way the dogs are transported and kept is like something out of a horror film, the compact cages they are thrown in are disgusting. You can have up to 20 dogs crammed into the smallest space all on top of each other all fearing for what is to come next, can you imagine how petrified these dogs are? They load them into a truck all cages stacked up on top of each other hundreds of dogs aboard being driven to their death.

Darkness to Light - China Meat Trade Lorry with Dogs
Darkness to Light Project

For the lucky ones some trucks are stopped by the Chinese animal activists and are managed to be saved but not all make it as they can be severely ill with the treatment they have had to endure. The dogs can be stolen pets from families, strays that have been caught and dogs that have been bred in dog meat farms. They are sold by their weight but most of the dogs when they are saved are so emaciated and weak. We have a great network with some of the Chinese activists, please remember not all the Chinese are the same and these woman who we work with put their heart and soul into saving dogs in their country without them the rescue of these dogs would not be possible.

When the dogs are rescued they are taken to a vet to see what damage has been caused after their ordeal. We pay to put them into boarding where they can start building strength and gaining weight and generally becoming more healthy so they can travel to us in the UK to begin their new lives and go up for adoption. We ourselves have traveled to china to see this all first hand and it really is as bad as you see it on the Internet and in the papers. After our journey there it has just made us more determined to help and save as many of these beautiful animals as we possibly can, we won't stop until we feel we have done enough and we can assure you that isn't going to be for a very long time.

Meat Trade Dogs in Shelter
China Meat Trade Lorry

The process of getting these dogs to safety over here in the UK is a lengthy and costly one and we need as much help and support as you can give. The dogs travel with a full passport which allows them into the UK after months of blood tests to make sure they are healthy, everything is done above board and legal just how it should be. These dogs adapt perfectly well into living in a home and family environment so adoptions are the main part of this, the more that are adopted the more we can save from the fate they are destined for. Spreading the word about this cruel trade is very important and the more people that are aware of what happens, the more change that can be made.

Fern - Meat Trade Rescue
Fern - China Rescue Dog

Please consider adopting one of our Chinese meat trade dogs they are full of love and loyalty considering their terrible past. They tell a very sad story with their eyes and are eternally grateful for being given a future every dog deserves and should have. We will continue to save as many as we can as how can you turn your back on Gods most loving and loyal animal? We can't and we won't, as humans we need to be the voice for the voiceless.