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Alex Georgiou - Rushton Patron
Alex Georgiou
Rushton Patron
  • Rushton Patron

We are very happy to welcome Alex Georgiou, a wonderful man with a deep love and passion for dogs worldwide and now a proud patron of our charity.

With his warmth and natural love for dogs Alex is an inspiration to people far and wide, as his much missed and talented legend of a cousin George Michael! Alex was undoubtedly a major rock to George and is now soulmate and full time carer to 'Abby', his cousin's beautiful "one love" Labrador.

Genuine Love and Care

The love and adoration between the two since George passed is quite amazing. They are totally inseparable and significantly unbreakable. A true show of the bond between one man and "their" dog.

Alex was hand-picked by the lovely Kait Darcy, a mutual friend who suggested Alex put forward. Kait instantly knew that Alex was perfect to take this position. There really is no person who can match the genuine love and care of this man.

Someone who we can connect with and who feels the hurt and pain we all do when we witness the cruel, barbaric and unnecessary treatment of some dogs around the world.