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Shirlie, Cindi and ZoeWe had a lovely surprise in October when Shirlie Kemp came to visit the dogs at Rushton Dog Rescue. Shirlie has been a big supporter by giving up her time as well as helping to promote Rushton Dog Rescue on numerous occasions.

On the day Shirlie got to hold little Jasmine, our wonderful little disabled toy poodle. Jasmine had suffered so much at the hands of the meat trade – her rear legs are fused tight due to them being tied together at a young age. She has extensive ligament and muscle injuries, but still wants to be everyones friend.

Jasmine has to drag her rear legs, though still wags her tail and has amazingly forgiving eyes – as Shirlie found out they can melt your heart. Jasmine is named after the Disney princess in Aladdin, and has a fellow disabled princess in Ariel. Both suffered the same sort of terrible injuries, and both have a heart of gold.

Supporting Rushton helps rescue dogs from the Chinese meat trade. Those that can’t be rehomed due to their injuries and suffering stay with us on our farm just like Ariel and Jasmine. Please can you help support Rushton Dog Rescue?

Shirlie also kindly took the photos for the new Rushton Dog Rescue calendar that will be released soon! To register your interest in the new calendar please drop us an email at mail@rushtondogrescue.co.uk. The more interest we get, the more we’ll print!

We hope to welcome our friend Shirlie to Rushton Dog Rescue again soon!

Jasmine and Ariel