About Rushton Dog Rescue Charity and How We Began

Rushton Dog Rescue is a dog sanctuary and rehoming centre based in Somerset, founded in 2007 by Cindi McNeil Regan in memory of her soul mate Timothy Rushton.

Timothy Rushton, a man who adored animals (especially dogs) had a dream. He wanted to start a dog rescue centre in Spain. But sadly he passed away at the young age of 27 and that dream never became a reality. His partner, Cindi, inherited his dog, ‘Eyes’ who became the soul of the charity.

Cindi turned a negative into a positive nearly right away. ‘Right I’m doing it on my own then, he would want that’. And Rushton Dog Rescue was born. More than 17 years on her whole life has been devoted to the dogs. Nothing else matters apart from them, their welfare and safety.

Rushton is now run by Mother and Daughter duo, Cindi and Zoe, who are equally dedicated to their cause. The dogs are the priority always – they believe that saving and rescuing the animals is the reason why we are on this earth … it’s the whole point of the charity!

During the 17+ years Rushton that has been operating, thousands on thousands of dogs have been rescued! Along with horses, ducks, cats and the odd small/wild animal. Rushton try so hard not to turn away an animal in need, and will always try and do everything in their power to get them to safety.

What does Freedom Farm mean to the dogs?

Click play below and see for yourself!

The dogs that do come and stay with us are extremely lucky as they have lots of freedom to play and express themselves whilst waiting for their new home.

Over the years Rushton have successfully rescued dogs from places such as Ireland, Spain, Egypt, Cape Verde, China and Romania and are always there for the dogs locally to here in the UK.

As a rescue charity Rushton do not believe that rescue has borders. So if a dog needs help, it doesn’t matter what side of the pond they are born on. Let’s not forget a dog doesn’t get to choose to be born let alone in which country.

“Every attempt is made to home as many dogs as we can and so far at over 4,000 dogs later, I think we are doing OK! ”