Can You Sponsor King Arthur?

Hello All, my name is King and I’ll share a little bit about myself with you for those that don’t know…. it’s quite a story.

My rescuers were alerted to a neglected Tibetan Mastiff in September 2022. They said they would take me in… well I’m not sure they were quite prepared of the state I was in?!

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Can You Sponsor June?

The beginning of my life was far from good, I was kept in what is called a laboratory in China. They test on animals just like me and is a very very scary place to be. The nasty people who had me chopped my tail off and threw me outside after they were finished with using me, I lay there thinking ‘this is it, this is my end’…

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Can You Sponsor Lovey?

Unfortunately I lost part of my face due to trauma I never thought I’d ever feel love and safety.. .BUT wow was I wrong, I live at Freedom Farm with the Rushton team now, they are my family and I love them all so much, I finally feel protected and they tell me every day just how beautiful I am, I know they aren’t wrong. My favourite things to do are playing with my toys… I absolutely love them! So if you ever send toys to freedom farm address them to me.. Lovey! Maybe I’ll share some of them if I’m feeling generous…

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Can You Sponsor Miss Fox?

Before I was rescued I lived such a fearful life, I was treated so badly and even injured. One day a kind lady approached me and said “Hello pretty girl, I’ll take care of you now” she was speaking to me? I’m the pretty girl? I’d never been told that before….

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Can You Sponsor Snow?

I used to live outside a building in China, it was once a shop and I used it as my base, I looked at the owners as if they were my people who would keep me safe from the horrors of the streets. One day they left and didn’t take me with them, I stayed there for weeks and no one ever came back for me. I don’t think looking back now that they actually cared for me like I did them.

I was then taken away and told I was going to a better place, “Ahhhh I screamed in fear” I didn’t know what was happening…

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Can You Sponsor Buddy?

My name is ‘Buddy’ il share some of my story with you. My life before I was saved was just so so awful, I was actually subjected to a physical beating which was an incredibly scary experience, due to what those nasty people did to me it gave me a disability. One day all of a sudden my life turned a corner.. I met these ladies who said “come on son, you’re with us now” at first I was very very scared as my trust had been broken you see. They told me they were good people but how was I meant to believe them? They let me be, got me treatment that I needed and let me in my own time come around to the idea of being friends….

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