Can You Sponsor BB?

Hello, thank you for popping by our website! My name is Betty B – aka “BB”. I shall share some of my story with you.

My rescuers found me in the most appalling states, I was left to rot with a prolapse surrounded by filth. This lady who I know now as ‘Zoe’ walked over to me and I’ll never forget the words “What you doing here like this, come on, you’re safe now I got you”  – Well got me she did!!

Just like that my life started to turn for the better, I’ve had to have multiple surgeries and one was very intense BUT I survived!!! I had something to live for, someone to live for. My life before Freedom Farm was like living in hell every day, now I feel like everyday is Christmas!! My rescuers couldn’t believe how white I actually was under all the years of built up filth.

My favourite thing to do with my days isn’t much actually- I love to lay out in the main yard observe all the daily going ons and a quick zoomies in the fields.. I absolutely love my family they have given me the life I always dreamt of. They call me their brave BB, always showering me in kisses and snugs and I love every second of it. Here’s to my life at Freedom Farm… best place everrrr!

Love & Licks Betty B 💕

Rushton are part-sanctuary and part-rescue. Many of the dogs we rescue simply cannot be rehomed due to the physical or mental cruelty they have endured, so we look after them for life.

As a rescue charity, 97% percent of our income needed to feed and care for the dogs, and pay their vets bills, comes from donations from our supporters. And its been this way for the SEVENTEEN YEARS that we’ve been established, relying on the big hearts of our supporters. We live on site, literally LIVE what we do 24hrs a day, every day of the year, and meet the dogs’ needs before our own. And badly need your support.


Simply pick a dog you’d like to sponsor and pledge a monthly amount, whatever you can afford.

And you’ll receive a monthly update by email from the dog (with a little help from us :-)) thanking you for looking after them, and letting you know how they’re getting on.

On behalf of them and from all of us here at Rushton, can we say THANK YOU SO MUCH!