Can You Sponsor Buddy?

Ah Hello… Thank you for visiting!

My name is ‘Buddy’ il share some of my story with you. My life before I was saved was just so so awful, I was actually subjected to a physical beating which was an incredibly scary experience, due to what those nasty people did to me it gave me a disability. One day all of a sudden my life turned a corner.. I met these ladies who said “come on son, you’re with us now” at first I was very very scared as my trust had been broken you see. They told me they were good people but how was I meant to believe them? They let me be, got me treatment that I needed and let me in my own time come around to the idea of being friends.

Well I’m so glad I did as now I LOVE them so so much!! Still not overly keen on strangers and men are just far too scary for me.

I can walk on my own but my back legs aren’t exactly fully extendable but believe me when I say it doesn’t bother me for a moment, why would it when I have freedom farm and my family? This place is just the best, I get to explore fields and all the space every day, I have so many toys and dog friends it’s just like what I think Disney land would be!

Never did I think I would have this life, I’m such a happy boy now so please don’t worry about me and my past, we try to always be positive now and my family tell me they would never allow any harm to come to me again and guess what… now I do believe them!!

Best finish there, I’ve got to go and see what I’m missing outside… they best not be in my favourite field without me!

Love & Licks – Buddy 💜

Rushton are part-sanctuary and part-rescue. Many of the dogs we rescue simply cannot be rehomed due to the physical or mental cruelty they have endured, so we look after them for life.

As a rescue charity, 97% percent of our income needed to feed and care for the dogs, and pay their vets bills, comes from donations from our supporters. And its been this way for the SEVENTEEN YEARS that we’ve been established, relying on the big hearts of our supporters. We live on site, literally LIVE what we do 24hrs a day, every day of the year, and meet the dogs’ needs before our own. And badly need your support.


Simply pick a dog you’d like to sponsor and pledge a monthly amount, whatever you can afford.

And you’ll receive a monthly update by email from the dog (with a little help from us :-)) thanking you for looking after them, and letting you know how they’re getting on.

On behalf of them and from all of us here at Rushton, can we say THANK YOU SO MUCH!