Can You Sponsor King Arthur?

HELLO! My name is King and I’ll share a little bit about myself with you for those that don’t know…. it’s quite a story.

My rescuers were alerted to a neglected Tibetan Mastiff in September 2022. They said they would take me in… well I’m not sure they were quite prepared of the state I was in?!

When I got to them all I saw was sadness in their eyes and sighs of pity. I was emaciated, hairless, covered in sores, my eyes were in a terrible state and I was so shutdown. They cared for me immediately and got the vet to start treatment. At first we were all unsure if I was strong enough to get better… but obviously I did! I wasn’t going to let this new beginning slip away.

After months of care I started to flourish into the KING I am today. I’ve now got a full body of hair again, my weight has piled on, and I’ve even had a brow lift to help with my sore eyes! I couldn’t even see properly which was pretty scary but now I can see! It’s literally amazing. I may need another operation at some point for my lower lids but we shall see how I get on. They’ve even removed my Crown Jewels!! Haha bastards

The craziest part of my story is that my rescuers actually already had saved my biological mum?!! Named ‘Honey Puff’ she was also let down and needed saving. I had no idea she would be there and they didn’t know I was her son either when they agreed to take me on??????? You couldn’t make it up honestly.

I now live with her at Freedom Farm…. it’s amazing Mum and I are the best of friends and being Tibetan Mastiffs we have to be with experienced people you see. Our rescuers have said they will keep us together FOREVER under their care and we couldn’t be happier that we have finally made it too true safety. Rushton dog rescue at Freedom Farm saved my life and without them I know I wouldn’t be here writing this today. Please support us so I can always continue to be the happy, funny, healthy boy I am today. Full disclosure I had help writing this…

But I gotta go now, I can smell chicken being cooked… and ohhh boy I love myself some finger lickin’ chicken! 😛😛😛 XXXXX

Rushton are part-sanctuary and part-rescue. Many of the dogs we rescue simply cannot be rehomed due to the physical or mental cruelty they have endured. So we look after them for life.

As a rescue charity, 97% percent of our income needed to feed and care for the dogs, and pay their vets bills, comes from donations from our supporters. And its been this way for the SEVENTEEN YEARS that we’ve been established, relying on the big hearts of our supporters. We live on site, literally LIVING what we do 24hrs a day, every day of the year, and meet the dogs’ needs before our own. And badly need your support.


Simply pick a dog you’d like to sponsor and pledge a monthly amount, whatever you can afford.

And you’ll receive a monthly update by email from the dog (with a little help from us :-)) thanking you for looking after them, and letting you know how they’re getting on.

On behalf of them and from all of us here at Rushton, can we say THANK YOU SO MUCH!