Cindi McNeil Regan – Founder of the Rushton Dog Rescue Charity

Cindi founded Rushton Dog Rescue more than 17 years ago after her partner Timothy (Rushton) sadly passed away. Since then she has been doing everything she can do rescue abandoned and abused dogs, and is always on the look out for dogs in need.

Cindi has always loved dogs and since starting the charity has rescued dogs from all over the world including Bosnia, Greece, Ireland, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom and China. Cindi not only has a passion for dogs, but also enjoys horses and learned to ride from a very early age.

In 2009 Cindi opened her first charity shop in Weymouth to help sustain the charity in rescuing more and more dogs. Four years later Cindi launched another successful charity shop in Langport and has a great team working with her.

Cindi is the Rescue Manager for Rushton. Some of the dogs that Cindi has rescued are so traumatised from their past experiences that they are unable to be rehomed and currently has 16 in-house residents that share her home!

Cindi McNeil Regan, Founder of Rushton Dog Rescue Charity at Freedom Farm in Langport, Someset

You can read Cindi’s book DARKNESS TO LIGHT here!

From Darkness Into Light - Rushton Dog Rescue