Collecting Your New Dog

Collection day is very exciting and you will already be aware of the responsibilities that come with owning and caring for your dog.

As a new puppy or dog owner, you will be aware of the responsibilities that come with dog owning and caring for your dog. However, you will also benefit from the incredibly rewarding and pleasurable experience of dog ownership.

In time, with the correct training and care, your puppy or dog will hopefully become a well-adjusted adult who is a pleasure to own and a credit to you and the dog society at large.

This section provides information for when you first collect your rescue dog.

Collection day is very exciting, but it is important to remember the following:

Your Dog’s ID Tag

With your name and contact details. You must attach this as soon as you have him.

Slip Lead

Collar & Lead

Car Crate

Or some way of securing your dog safely in the car. E.g. Harness & Seatbelt attachment.

As soon as you have your dog, put him or her straight into the car in their crate. We strongly recommend that you do not walk them around to see if they need the toilet. Most dogs won’t relieve themselves until they feel totally comfortable and safe.

Please remember while this is an exciting time for you and your family, these dogs have been rescued, some from horrific environments. Therefore it is a stressful time for your new dog and they will most probably be scared. This is why it is vitally important to ensure you bring everything required to secure your dog so they don’t escape.

Please DO NOT risk your dog’s life.