Urgent Appeal to help Rushton Dog Rescue

Rushton Dog Rescue needs your help. We work tirelessly to save these poor dogs who suffer unbelievable cruelty at the hands of the dog meat trade. We witness horrors you can’t imagine; dogs crammed in crates with broken bones, taped up with dislocated joints, tied up in plastic bags, butchered to death or even thrown alive into boiling water.

We are appealing for help to cover a large sum of Chinese bills that are stopping us from fully continuing our work in China. We were promised a large donation to help rescue 18 dogs from the Chinese meat trade last month, unfortunately the donation didn’t happen. This has put us in a difficult situation whereupon the Chinese vets and boarding kennels are owed £27,000. Until we’ve cleared these bills we can’t fully continue our work in China.

The dogs pictured below are those waiting to come across from China. We’re currently clearing the bills bit by bit, but a big push this month will allow us to get all of them out of China as soon as possible. Each week that passes means we’re spending more money on boarding fees per dog, rather than investing in the rescue of the dogs.

A selection of the dogs we have waiting in China
A selection of the dogs we have waiting in China

We do not like asking for help in this situation but as a family run charity we need your support. Rescuing and keeping these dogs safe is no easy task and we work tirelessly every single day to do so. We have also had dogs that have come over that have needed major surgery, leg amputations, eyes removed, X-rays, dentals, major skin issues – these are just a few examples.

So here we are asking for YOUR help!

If you would like to see us continuing to work to our full potential and saving as many dogs as we can we need YOU to help us.

Just £1 a month can make a difference to a dogs life.

We have multiple ways you can donate:

  1. Setup a monthly standing order.
    Sort Code 08-92-99
    Account Number 65399196
  2. Through our website
  3. Direct donations via paypal
    1. Email address: mail@rushtondogrescue.co.uk