Breed:Beautiful mixed breedAge:4-5yrs approx
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Family Environment:
Can Live With Teenagers & Adults
Would Suit:
A Calm Environment
Ideal Location:
Prefers Quiet Locations

4/5yrs Beautiful Mixed Breed Aurora did have a home lined up but unfortunately it has fallen through…

What does Aurora require from her adoptive home?

*Aurora needs a peaceful, calm home environment where she can become the apple of someone’s eye!

*She would be best suited as an only dog in the home, she is ok with other dogs but she loves her toys and her treasures and doesn’t like to share!

*Aurora needs a low exercise home, as she only has one working lung meaning she cannot have high exercise as she will get out of breath quicker. This does NOT effect her daily life and you wouldn’t know unless you were informed. Please don’t let that put you off adopting this girl.

*She would need a good sized large garden, so she can still enjoy the feeling of being free to mooch about safely, she loves a little explore and to lay out in the sun.

*Aurora will need a understanding adopter with patience who will give her the time she needs to adapt into a home environment.