FEATURE: Heartwarming Rescue of dogs who were rescued from brutal illegal dog meat trade

Retriever Clover ran on grass for the first time ever after being saved from an illegal dog meat lorry.

The 12-month-old is one of scores being rescued from the horrific Chinese trade by a small UK charity.

Cindi McNeil-Regan, 43, who runs Rushton Dog Rescue, said: “This evil trade should be shut down, so I decided to try to make a difference by saving some animals.

Clover was found by activists in China in a disturbingly skinny state, with severe skin problems and suffering pneumonia.

Vets say he would have died in a month because of his poor diet and condition.

Bred for meat in disgusting cages, he had never before run on grass.

Now he has been rehomed with a family in Gloucestershire, near the charity’s Somerset HQ.

A week after his arrival, he was joined in England by Tibetan Mastiff Sasha and Pomeranian Ting-Tong, both equally neglected.

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Photo Credit: Rowan Griffiths – Daily Mirror