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BREED- Shar-Pei

SHANTI SHAR-PEI 🐾 is there a home out there for her???

We would REALLY love to have a home lined up for her once she has completed her vet work and ready.

She will be spayed soon and a possible operation on her eyes.

What is Shanti’s main requirement for her new home?

⭐️ EXPERIENCE & KNOWLEDGEABLE of her breed. Being a Pei she needs someone who is fully knowledgeable of her breed to ensure she gets the very best care.

Shanti is more comfortable with females…she hasn’t had a good life so we believe males have been a negative for her but that does not mean she cannot adapt to a kind male human.

Shanti is better with medium/large dogs.
She cannot live with small furries/cats.

Shanti is SUPER friendly and out going for a Pei.
She is very very loving and absolutely loves a fuss and kiss.

Shanti is a huge foodie…it’s the way to her heart!

Shanti just needs someone who will give her some time to adapt, someone who knows her breed, a kind, loving environment where she will finally be able to live a life of safety and have her needs met. She has been massively let down by humans so far until she came here so let’s change that for this girl… where’s those new human/s she’s been dreaming about? We’ve told her they will come… hopefully she won’t have to wait long to find her forever happy after.

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